Looking for help?

Hi, I'm Zoey! I'm a proud ADHD-driven solution seeker, ready to help your business and personal matters. I'm just the intuitive assistant you're looking for. 

Virtual Assistance

Looking to outsource some of those tasks you just hate doing? I'm able to help you with:

  • Content creation
  • Data analysis
  • Basic office duties
  • Client management
  • Template development

I have the capabilities of working off-site for many tasks, and can help as one-off tasks, or a more consistent basis.

Life Organisation

House & Office Organisation

I love having a functional space wherever I work. It needs to work for everyone using the area, and it needs to be sustainable long-term! 

Finance Management Solutions

Budgeting can really suck - whether it's your business or your home! I can assist in setting you up on trusted budget app, or build you a customised budget spreadsheet. Let me help you get managed with automatic payments too! 

Business Support

I've helped support businesses of all sizes, from a family office to national scaled companies. I'm a flexible worker, proficient in:

  • Roster & logistical management
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Tender document preparation
  • Employee communication & support
  • Template building including spreadsheets, letterheads & SOPs
  • Transcription / typing services

About me!

I'm based in Northern NSW Australia, in a beautiful place called Cabarita Beach. I am currently completing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and hold a Certificate in Business, Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture) and Master of Architecture.

I may have an unhealthy obsession, but in my spare time, I research trending tools that can help people just like you! 

Free Tools

Click here for my ever expanding website database. It offers all the tools I have found for businesses, students, and more. 

More free tools are coming soon! 

Contact us

📞 +614 31257796 | ✉️ projects@zoeypearson.com 

Zoey Pearson Projects | ABN 39 497 369 263 
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